Sleep Deprivation, effects and my personal treatment

Sleep deprivation represented by a cartoon of an alarm clock (the old horrible ones with a hammer hitting small bells)
Alarm Clock Ringing by Nemo

Sleep deprivation has been (is) a norm in my life since I started school, mostly because school meant having to get out of bed to go somewhere long before I was ready to get out of bed.

For a long time I saw it as something normal. I would sleep 4-5 hours in the weekdays and then catch up in the weekends. However this routine did not always work out that smoothly. I almost got flunked in high-school for missing way too many morning classes. It also turns out, science has more or less proven that sleep deprivation isn’t at all healthy for you…

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Those who think they’re not communicating….

I came across a quote some years ago. I wasn’t able to find it now but it went something along the line that anyone wanting to send a message in film should go to the telegraph office instead.

My spontaneous thought is:

Those who think they can open their mouth – or even stick their head outside the door – without communicating something, are fooling no one but themselves… And the likelihood of these people communicating anything of interest is probably purely coincidental.

Random thought: Extreme situations

One of the more deadly things you can do is to act normally in an extreme situation.

This goes for extreme weather situations, being taken hostage, living on a planet that may be dying, etc.  etc.  Basically I believe panic will make you react in a predefined way, while keeping your cool will make you react according to the situation.  A few times panic might save you (running from a violent person instead of trying to talk sense to them) while in most cases not panicing will probably get the best result.

Interesting thought: aren’t we presented with “extreme” situations now and then, and once we’ve managed through them, they’re not extreme anymore.  Take for instance, first day at school, first love, first day as a parent, first day of retirement, or being a victim of a crime, being in a car accident, or other accident, being falsely accused, getting fired and being unemployed, etc. etc, there are a buss load of extreme situations out there.

So, the thing is to keep from getting pissed at  your boss for firing you, and trying to get a good letter of recommendation out of it (after all, who say’s you’re getting kicked cause your boss dislikes you?)  Or to stop being a kid yourself once your little ones are on their way, or to get out of that car wreck, and try to get everyone else in it along, before something worse than a roll and a spin happens.

So, it’s all about controlling panic then… or?  Hmmm…